We should we ALL forget about buying other platforms and buy PCs! Why? Here's a list of excellent reasons!

  1. Because 8-character filenames are *FUN* for the whole family! Round up the wife and kids, and have a game of "Guess the Filename". Countless hours of deciphering cplx abrvtd flnms <complex appreviated filenames> await you with the purchase of your new PC! Its just like Wheel Of Fortune--America's favorite game show, now in your own home!
  2. Windows 3.11!!! -REAL- operating systems demand FAR too much of their users. Using a dressed-up program launcher which lacks the ability to store applications in subdirectories alleviates the user from having to remember where he or she stored those pesky, overhyped, nonstandardized, overgrown, RAM hungry, sluggish applications you'll come to know and love with your new PC.
  3. 100 % Multitasking-Free! The PC makes such an excellent choice over so-called "superior" platforms such as the Amiga because the PC won't confuse you, the user, with the difficulties involved in keeping track of several things at the same time! TAKE YOUR TIME! You only have to worry about doing -just one- thing at the time on your PC! Infact, hundreds of programmers at Microsoft are busy working on new, innovative ways to prevent your PC from being forced to "multy-task" in the future, by cleverly disguising their efforts to protect your comfort with "General Protection Faults" and system lock-ups! Their newest product, Windows95, will even SLOW DOWN your entire system to allow you more time to think and cope if you try and make your PC multy-task! What a plus!
  4. Configurability--Let's face it. There are a few things more enjoyable in this world than sitting down with your trusty PC and having the priviledge of changing the wide variety of IRQ settings, jumpers, CMOS settings, .BAT files, hex addresses, COM port assignments, and memory regions that are available to you as a PC user. Don't let any of those pesky Amiga users tell you its not fun!!! Just imagine all the enjoyment you'll have spending quality time with your machine, and growing emotionally closer to your motherboard :) You will begin to care for your PC just like the indigent, senile, bed-ridden vegetable of a grandmother you never had as a kid! But wait, THERE'S MORE! The fun doesn't end there! Luckilly, the "standards" in the PC world are changed changed radically about every 8 months, so you will have ENDLESS *fun* trading configuration tips and tricks with your friends. Not since the ALTAIR 8008 has there been a computer with such a variety of interface, memory, sound, and graphics standards!!
  5. Graphics Power! Today's PC are actually capable of SCROLLING!!!! Yes, you heard me, and entire graphics screen image can be smoothly moved up and down!!! Hold on to your hats--that's not all!!! Today's PC can even scroll graphics HORIZONTALLY! Let your imagination take you to the new horizons with the incredible new graphics capability. You'll finally be able to tell all those Apple II and C64 users who the real boss of 1996 is! Imagine the thrill of discovering that software you previously own can be easily (with only about 2 hours of work) reconfigured to use the $400 graphics card needed to do smooth scrolling!
  6. Sound Power! You'll be reminded of gentle summers around the campfire once you hear the authentic pop and crackle of a typical PC's sound system. You'll swear you were hearing the bell's of St. Mary's when you experience the 1-bit INTERNAL SPEAKER wich comes standard in every PC. Yep, no expensive add-on's needed this time! you'll also enjoy the pleasure of reconfiguring EVERY piece of software you own to use a seperate sound card in the future! The wide variety of poppy and scratchy sound cards available for the PC will push the envelope of sound performance available on any personal computer!
  7. Many different program interfaces to learn and enjoy! It can be awfully boring for so called "superior" platform users like Amiga fanatics to be forced to use the SAME way of loading and saving files, running programs, and selecting options. With the PC each application you use has a different and *FUN* way of accessing options, and files! Each application has its own distinct look, feel, and personality! You'll become attached to your new-found friends as you spend even more quality time getting to know them! Now you can be the "individualist" running the--truly--"creative" computer! Forget about those Amiga guys! Buy a PC today!

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