This is some stuff that I've picked up over the years. Of course, some of it will no doubt upset some people, but hey, that's too bad. If you can't take a joke, then I suggest you go surf somewhere else...

Some bits I've found about Microsoft and its products

No Win95 We don't need no steenking Windoze 95
Here's a few bits that I found around the net concerning Windoze 95. Feel free to email me more at :)
Microsoft's Marketing Strategy
Here's some pseudo code that describes how Microsoft markets their stuff.
Windows 95 Holdout
What if you were the only person in the world who didn't own Windows 95?
People for Ethical Treatment of Software
The title says it all :).
Why YOU want a PC...Not!
Here are a few reasons why you should get a PC.
Then again, maybe not.

Some general computer related bits

What if Operating Systems were Airlines?
If you thought that people had great jokes about Windoze, check this page out...
Which Computer Language is best for you?
If you're wondering what Computer Language is right for you, this page should help you decide. Maybe :)
Real Programmers...
So, you think you're a real programmer. Well, see how you rank with these requirements for real programmers.
Computer Virus List
Here are some computer virus (viruses, viri?) that we'd hate to see!
Signs that you're a techno-weenie
Do you ever get the feeling that technology is taking over your life? Well, check out this page for some warning signs.
GM Helpline?
What if people bought cars like they buy computers?

Some general bits from all over

Infamous Quotes by famous (and not so famous) people
Just a few quotes made by various people who should have known better (with the exception, possibly, of Dan Quayle).
Some perplexing questions
Here are a few of the more perplexing questions of life. And some interesting historical tidbits too!
A Star Trek TNG "lost" episode
Read how the crew of the Enterprise deal with the Borg in this "lost" epsiode. (Maybe it should have stayed lost!)
Some Steven Wright lines
Here are some jokes (mostly one liners) from Steven Wright.
Trick or Treating better than Sex?
Top 10 reasons why this is true :).
How to fix a foul mouth Parrot Rules on how to be a man
Men, want to stay on the good side of your other half? Then you should read and follow these!
Some humorous Courtroom notes
The title says it all...

Here are some humorous bits about the Christmas season and the winter time of year...

Twas the Night Before Christmas - The New Version
Well, it's not really that new, but it's newer than the old standy!
Why you should always backup!
Another variation of the old "Twas the Night Before Christmas", with a lesson to be learned by one and all!
Star Trek:TNG
A few Christmas Carols as you've never heard them before!
Star Trek:TNG Twas the Night Before Christmas
Another twist to the old poem.
The Gingrich that Stole Christmas
While it's not completely funny, and with apologies to Dr. Suess, we bring you today's version of the Grinch that Stole Christmas.
Yorkie Bells
Just a little ditty that's sung to the tune of Jingle Bells. If you have a dog, you'll appreciate this!
Politically Correct at the North Pole
Poor Santa. He's got it tough trying to be P.C.
Excerpts from Santa's Corporate Newsletter
Some downsizing news from the North Pole.

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